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Relationship Gaining Acceptance of Passive Metering with a Survey-based Approach Jacqueline Rosales, SoapBoxSample Leslie Townsend, Kinesis Survey Technologies Hannu Verkasalo, Verto Analytics As mobile apps have entered the market research landscape, they have become an essential compo- nent in many data collection practices. Passive me- tering applications provide a means for our industry to collect behavioral and usage data to augment current data sets. Metering apps can reside on any device, but most commonly are associated with smartphones. They collect data without direct involvement from the user, other than acceptance of the download process. The types of data collected via passive metering vary by app, but typically include the number and types of apps downloaded on the device, the amount of time spent using those apps, location-based informa- tion, and other highly personal information. Metering apps add to the knowledge of individuals by gather- ing more metadata about them. In today’s market research environment, passive metering data is often  demographics, and other data collected in surveys or through communities or social media. It is considered to be a more reliable source of data about technology usage than are recollections of such usage. Written & Co-Authored By: > > > > FEATURE SEPTEMBER 2014 SURVEY MAGAZINE: FEATURE SEPTEMBER 2014 SURVEY MAGAZINE 033

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