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Four Plus2 11.21


Published on December 2, 2014 I I want to shape the U.S. poverty and hunger agenda, one book would never do: a career’s worth o writing might. In other words, I realized I needed to become a public health journalist. My new goal requires new training. With these new skills, I can fnally do justice to my Master o Public Health thesis topic and perhaps even impact the way in which poverty is perceived in the United States. Liora Engel-Smith, Class o 2016 e 4 1 program allows students with a non-journalism undergraduate major to combine their undergraduate academic interests with a multimedia, cross-platorm journalism program that prepares graduates or a variety o career opportunities as writers, editors, reporters, designers and any number o other positions in traditional or analog media as well as online. Students with at least a 3.5 GPA ater 45 credits o course work at Temple University are eligible to participate in a program that allows selected students to earn bachelor’s and Master o Journalism degrees in fve years or ten semesters o ull-time study. e 4 1 program also ulflls Temple Honors Program requirements. e Master o Journalism program at Temple is decidedly multimedia in terms o its course content. It includes hands-on experiences and instruction in reporting, writing, editing and audio-visual news gathering as well as courses that emphasize proessional development, law and ethics. About the 4 1 Program Junior Year Fall Semester - J5002 Reporting and Writing I (4 credits) Spring Semester - J5003 Editing the News I (4 credits) Senior Year Fall Semester - J5012 Reporting and Writing II (3 credits) Spring Semester - J5013 Editing the News II (3 credits) Two Semesters o Graduate Study Complete the Master o Journalism in two successive semesters o ull-time course work. Uncover Stories in a News-Rich Environment Integrate Writing and Editing with Multimedia Skills four plus 11.19.indd 2 11/25/2014 1:57:51 PM