Cole M. Machiavellian Project

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Introduction Where Two Ends Meet Dear Akakiy, Nice to meet you. I have heard much about you, and look forward to helping you out with your unfortunate predicament. I hear your corporation has been on a rather steep downfall over the past few months and you, of course, are the one being charged with the job of saving it. Here’s the bad news: your corporation isn’t profiting, the stocks are plummet- ing, and the whole other issue of workers protesting the pay cuts. It sounds bad, I know. But, there is a reason I always give bad news first aside from the fact that being blunt and to the point is great in large leadership roles (hint: Try it!). The good news is that this predicament is not irrevocable, and I will help you with three main steps. I’ve done this before, and the clients I help always say I do my job. This isn’t my first shooting match. Just to back up my statement above, I have specialized training in business psy- chology. I obtained a masters and a doctorate from Harvard, and I’ve been do- ing the same thing for going-on thirty years. I assist strong leaders in reestab- lishing their strength within the business, strength that inevitably withers away overtime; it happens to the best of us. I do this with Machiavellian ideology by offering advice, success plans, and my knowledge of what it takes to be a strong and effective leader. If you haven’t read The Prince by Machiavelli yet, it’s time you do so; it helps my clients understand and accept the changes I im- plement. It’s a weird job, I have, but it is in an area that many leaders need and seek help. I’m glad you’ve done the same. Why should you hire me? A very simple reason. I’ve done my research, like I always do, and found that you’re a very emotional and connective leader with your employees. You get down on their level and make them feel too comfort- able. As a Mach101 consultant, I ’ m the only person around that can change your mindset and make you a strong, effective leader for the best interests of your corporation. Sincerely, Justinian Fuerte

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