Convert PDF to HTML5 Flipbooks

Convert PDF to HTML5

The HTML5 PDF viewer you’ve been waiting for is here!

Convert your PDF to an HTML5 flipbook with help of our online tool. It’s so easy! Provide the best reading experience and get more exposure with an HTML5 book PDF, that works seamlessly in all modern browsers.


 Convert PDF to HTML5 flipbook, in 3 easy steps

Our online PDF to HTML5 converter will transform your files in just a couple of minutes. The end result is an amazing interactive publication that can be easily integrated into any website or be used as a standalone HTML5 PDF viewer solution.

  1. Upload the PDF you want to convert to HTML5 in Flipsnack

    Add your PDF file on our platform and hit "Next"

  2. Publish

    After a few moments you get a page flip PDF (HTML5 format)

  3. Share

    Share in newsletters, social media or integrate it into your website

See an HTML5 PDF viewer example

Here is an example of a page flip document made with Flipsnack, out of a PDF file. You have options to customize the background color, the size and many other things, to make the reader integrate perfectly with your website. Now it’s your turn!

Upload your PDF files

Better publishing starts here

Stunning display

Make your PDFs more visually pleasing by using a simple and beautiful page turning effect.

Super interactivity

Enhance your HTML5 PDF books with calls to action, web and email links, rich media and more.

Advanced reporting

Find out where your readers click and what they read using our inbuilt smart analytics.

Professional look

The PDF viewer you embed into your web pages is responsive and looks great on all mobile devices and browsers.

Actionable statistics

You get real time statistics like view, CTR or location stats that allow you to make improvements.

Rich media and interactivity

You can enhance your PDFs with rich media, audio, even custom HTML to create something special.

Embed PDFs in HTML5 format

The standard method of embedding a PDF into a website is more than a viable option but it’s not the best one there is, and certainly not the most aesthetically pleasing. We offer you a better way to embed your PDFs into websites.

Convert PDF to HTML5
Convert PDF to HTML5

HTML5 PDF viewer for your website

Instead of displaying PDF links on your site you should try making a stylish flipbook. It’s quick and easy, and it can be embedded on your web page. You don’t even need any coding skills. It’s just a matter of Copy - Paste.

It’s also a better way to integrate the share link in a newsletter than to work with attachments that might not go past firewalls.

Our software works perfectly as a web PDF viewer, making your files look even more professional and polished than they normally do. But don’t just trust us, give it a try to see for yourself.

Unlike other technologies that get blocked by modern browsers, we ensure cross browser compatibility and a great reading experience on multiple devices.

Here’s an example of a PDF embed in HTML5 format

To get the best experience you should go into fullscreen mode. Click read more on the example below to go into fullscreen mode now.

Upload your PDF files

How to embed a PDF in HTML5 format

PDF files can still be added to web pages using embed, object or iframe HTML markup, however the result is the same unimpressive down scrolling experience. Our HTML5 solution looks and feels much better. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Enhance your PDF with rich media, lead forms, buttons and more.

    Easy upload

    Upload your PDF file to Flipsnack to convert it into a digital catalog.

  2. Customization


    Enhance your PDF with rich media, lead forms, buttons and more.

  3. Get embed code

    Get embed code

    Save your work then simply copy the embed code.

  4. Add embed code

    Add embed code

    Paste the embed code into your website and enjoy the ride.

Create your own digital flipbook in 60 seconds

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