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Increasing sales by creating more brand awareness

Founded: 1988

Location: Netherlands

Website: https://www.mayke.com/

Mayke started 30 years ago as a young enthusiastic woman and children’s shoe store. Now it is a brick-and-mortar and online store based in the Netherlands with sales worldwide. The collections are different from season to season and contain an interesting mix of big designers and upcoming brands. Maykes’ employees are not afraid to color outside the lines, but they have extremely high values for client experience and motivating the client to create their own style.

In 2013, designers at Mayke decided it is time to create a magazine that would reflect the identity of the brand. That’s how Maykezine was born. The purpose of Maykezine issues is to inspire people by showing a shoe in a full look. The magazine addresses to women between 30 and 60 with an interest in fashion & lifestyle. Maykezine is also a platform which allows the people behind the brand to show who they are, what they stand for and to express their personality in a very creative way.

Our graphic designer mentioned Flipsnack 5 years ago. We tried it and were very pleased with the results.

Sabine van Roosmalen

Marketing & Online Manager

Mayke started using Flipsnack as a digital publishing platform in 2014. The brand always combines a printed and a digital published version for Maykezine. The magazine is not just another product catalog, but an invitation to find your own fashion style. It is published twice a year, for every fashion season, and it has 76 pages.

The printed version offers a touchable experience and is meant to increase brand experience, while the digital magazine is a fast and flexible way to expose the brand and reach more potential customers.

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With passion and ambition, Mayke anticipated the fashion trends and used the integration of technology to create a successful business model that stays true to the brand identity.

E-magazines help us increase our sales by creating more brand awareness and we love using Flipsnack as our digital publishing platform because it is very user friendly and easy to integrate with our website.

Maartje van Dongen

E-commerce and brand specialist

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