Gyrators January to June 2004

David Phelps

Published on November 30, 2014

RESERVATION FORM D D O O N N ’ ’ T T M M I I S S S S T T H H I I S S S S P P E E C C I I A A L L E E V V E E N N T T H H O O S S T T E E D D B B Y Y R R O O T T A A R R Y Y / / O O N N E E M M E E M M B B E E R R M M A A N N U U E E L L G G A A L L V V A A N N ! ! Date: Sunday evening, February 29 Place: Penthouse Party Suite 2800 North Lake Shore Drive, Chicago (Free Parking) Cost: $40.00 per person (Cost includes light buffet, wine, beer or soda as well as a 6-foot TV screen for your viewing pleasure) Time: 6 p.m. Dress: Black tie (or black clothing) suggested __________________________________________________________________ *** (RSVP by returning this portion of form and your check by Thursday, February 12) *** _____Yes, I/we will attend the Oscar Party Enclosed is my check in the amount of $________ for ____ people @ $40.00 PER PERSON Building security requires the names of all persons attending (print please): (1) __________________________________________ (2) __________________________________________ (3) __________________________________________ (4) __________________________________________ (Please attach any additional names) Name and Tele. Number of Primary Contact: ________________________________ E-mail address of Primary Contact: _______________________________________ Return form with check made payable to Vantage Point Marketing BY THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 12 to: Manuel Galvan President Vantage Point Marketing 5434 N. Francisco Chicago, Illinois 60625 773-784-9150 ROTARY/One OSCAR AWARDS PARTY SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 2004