Gyrators - January to June 2005

David Phelps

Published on November 30, 2014

Delos R. Smith Delos R. Smith is The Conference Board’s Senior Business Analyst. He addresses more than 100 leading companies, colleges and universities, and trade associations each year. He is an authority on the world’s leading economic indicators. His views on the impact of economic trendlines on business are heard on major television networks, radio networks and the Internet. He is a regular guest on CNBC, CNNFN, Bloomberg, Fox Network and Cable, ABS, Reuters and the BBC. He is heard regularly on AP, Bloomberg and Business Talk Radio networks and on many local radio stations. He is also a lecturer in Economics at NYU. Business journalists say “Smith has the ability to make even the dullest numbers seem vital.” “Delos is that rare economist who puts complex and often confusing economic data into delightful English,” notes a Federal Reserve official. While few people travel more than Smith, he is one of the last great American bus travelers. As he likes to say: “I’ve learned more from the seat of a Greyhound than I have ever learned in an airport.” Smith lives in New York City with his wife, Renee and their two cats, Spencer and Katie — named in honor of the famed acting team of Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn. ROTARY/One Welcomes The Rotary Club Of Crystal Lake The Crystal Lake Rotary Club was founded April 16, 1963, and the first President was Burton C. Atwood. The club meets on Mondays at 12:10 at Adrea's Banquet Facility in Crystal Lake. They have been involved with the Youth Exchange Program since the inception of the Club, by sending and receiving students and with the Group Study Exchange Program since 1983. Each year, the club partners with the community for Breakfast with Santa. Names are gathered from PADS, Home of the Sparrow, Salvation Army and The Illinois Migrant Council of Families in Need, and winter coats and presents for the children are purchased for the children, while food certificates are given to the parents. All are served breakfast, and each child gets to sit on Santa's lap, have his/her picture taken and receive the presents. The club’s biggest fundraiser is a new car raffle. Only 1,000 tickets are sold at $50.00 each. Additionally, scholarships to McHenry County College to the three high schools in Crystal Lake are awarded. Currently, the club is involved in a sanitation project in Guatemala. The following members will be in attendance: Craig Benner , Eisemann Corp - Human Resources Jim Gray, Vice President - McHenry County College (Past President) Chuck Feck , Vice President - Home State Bank, Crystal Lake (Past President and current Treasurer) Diane Horning , Office Manager - Chiropractor Edna McCall, Owner - Callmark Printing Jack McIntyre, Agent - American Family Insurance Russ King, Engineer - Self Employed (Youth Exchange Officer) Tom McDermott, Owner - Corporate Environment (President Elect) Peggy Chamberlain, Owner - Crystal Lake Veterinary Sharman Toomey, Vice President - Amcore Bank, Crystal Lake (Current President of Club) Sam Oginni, Owner - Crystal Lake Pontiac (International Service) Carl Davis, Pilot - United Air Lines (Past President) President Bush Appoints Rotary President To H.E.L.P. Globe Commission On December 10, President George W. Bush announced the appointment of Glenn E. Estess, Sr., president of Rotary International, to the Helping to Enhance the Livelihood of People (HELP) Around the Globe Commission. The HELP Commission was created to evaluate the developmental and humanitarian assistance provided by the U.S. government to developing countries, identify the barriers to successful delivery of assistance and develop new approaches to ensure that assistance reaches those most in need. The commission will formulate its recommendations in a report to be delivered to Congress within the next two years. The bipartisan commission will be composed of 21 members, six of whom are appointed by the president, with two of the six representing nongovernmental organizations. Glenn has been appointed to serve for the life of the commission. From Smithsonian Magazine- 100 YEARS AGO: THEY ALSO SERVE Hoping to cultivate business contacts, Chicago lawyer Paul Harris founds the Rotary Club in 1905 for friends to network. Members "rotate" host duties, and after giving a horse to a local doctor in 1907, make civic service top priority. Required to admit women in 1987, America's first service club today boasts 1.2 million members worldwide. Harris dies in 1947. Process For Nomination And Approval Of New Rotary Club Of Chicago Members Submitted by Angelo Loumbas, Chair, Membership Committee 1. Recommendations for membership in the Rotary Club of Chicago come from members of the Rotary Club of Chicago; as a result of an individual request (as referred by the Rotary Club of Chicago office to the Membership Committee); by transfer from Rotary Club to another (relocation, etc.); or by referral from Rotary International (referral based on interest and/or location). 2. A Nomination for Membership form will be provided to prospective nominees by the Rotary Club of Chicago office as advised by any of the above methods (1) 2 3. The Nomination for Membership form will be returned to the Rotary Club of Chicago Office when completed by the Applicant. The package should include a check for the new member admission fee (currently $300.00). A current photograph of the Nominee is requested. All signatures need to be complete on the form, including that of the Nominee, the Proposer and Seconder.