Gyrators - January to June 2008

David Phelps

Published on November 30, 2014

making a reservation. It only takes a minute to RSVP, and there are three easy ways: 1) e-mail 2) call (312) 372-3900, or 3) register online with the new club website, Please RSVP as soon as you can in order to make the event run more smoothly for everyone. continued from page 1... Page 2 Rotary Club of Chicago Gyrator Volume 3, Issue 29 Check the Rotary/ One Website for ALL the latest club and member news! The Annual Fund of the ROTARY/One Foundation supports the service pro- jects of our Club. To date, donors to the Fund include the following Rotarians. We are grateful for their generosity. John Alberts, Evy Alsaker, Nicholas Ambrosi, Gail Anderson, James Ascot, Arol Augsburger, Barry Axler, Brett Batterson, Mary Bell, Barbara Brunka, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Buik, Roscoe Company, Rhett Butler, Val Cavin, Pedro Cevallos, David Durham, David Ellbogen, Clif Fenton, Evan Freund, Richard Groh, Titch Harrison, Jack Hedrich, Jim Hollensteiner, Bob Hudson, III, R.C. Hudson, Jr., Roy Hurst, Jeffrey Katz, Kevin and Diane Kemp, Andrew Kim, Angelo Loumbas, Andrea Luehmann, Martha Maugh, Jane McDonald, Richard and Florine McKay, James McKechnie, Linda Mensch, Charles Middleton, Theodore Nebel, LeRoy Nelson, John Noonan, Michael Oh, David Phelps, Judson Porter, Maurice Raizes, Susan Raterman Easley, Rick Roberts, John Romans, The Gibb River Group, Lisa Russ, Jerry Sparks, Jamie L. Sutherland, David Templin, Ruth Ann Watkins, James Wright and Thyra Zerhusen . Donors Give Generously for Club Service Projects We are delighted to report that as of Friday, January 18 we have received 56 gifts and pledges totaling $46,239.62 for the Annual Fund Campaign. Thank you to all who have been so generous. The names of donors to date are listed below. This year we combined the appeals for the ROTARY/One Foundation and The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International. The purpose was to consolidate the number of times Rotarians are asked to contribute. We will be giving 40% of the funds raised in the Annual Fund effort, up to $20,000, to Rotary International for their many worthwhile projects. In addition, at the January 8 meeting of the Foundation's Board, the Trustees decided not to have a spring fundraising event. This will place all the fund- raising emphasis on the Annual Fund for Rotary Club of Chicago service pro- jects. Please keep this information in mind as you fill out your pledge form. We hope that every Rotarian will contribute to the Annual Fund this year. We are getting close to our goal of $55,000. Please do your part! Thank you. Foundation Reports $46,239.62 Raised to Date