Mikdash Brochure

October 8, 2014  |  By  | 

A great Sage was once asked by his disciples, “What is the most important moment in Jewish history?” His answer was simple. “Right now.” This wise teaching is particularly poignant at this time in our community’s history for, indeed, our choices and actions today will set our course as a congregation for many years to come. Thanks to the inspired efforts of Beth Shalom’s founders, and all of those who have nurtured the spirit of this synagogue into the thriving community that it is today, we nd ourselves in a time of tremendous success. Since 1998, our community has grown from just under 500 households to approximately 800 households today. Our building is bustling with activities for all ages every day of the week. Over 600 children and teens from preschool through high school are currently part of our nationally recognized learning programs – an incredible growth over the past few years. And our learning, worship, cultural, community service, and relationship building opportunities for adults of all ages are both plentiful and brimming with participants. Yet while our congregation has grown dramatically and our activity has expanded greatly, our temple building has remained largely the same for decades. Our building was built for a congregation of half our size and is worn by many years of use. Our Mikdash (Sacred Space) effort started three years ago with a simple realization: to continue to be the thriving community we are and aspire to be, we must respond to our signicant space needs. The current plans for our new Temple Beth Shalom are exciting. They meet these space needs, reect the spirit of our congregation, and will ensure a bright future for ourselves and our children. The scope of our vision and of this campaign is like no other in our community’s history. We have the ability to make our plans a reality. It will, however, require all of our support. A number of our members have already stepped forward and given generously. Each of us will need to decide how we can most meaningfully support our Community Campaign. We invite you to join us as we bring our TBS community from strength to even greater strength! A place where our future is secure. - L’Shalom, Rabbi Jay Perlman, Rabbi Todd Markley