Loom Bands

November 25, 2014  |  By  | 

Marketing of loom bands - Accessorising loom bands The rubber bands and the charms used for creating loom band have been discovered that cancerous chemicals can be found in them. Loom bands are advertised is many was mainly on television commercials because many children watch TV. The creator of loom bands first got his business known by making a YouTube channel that made tutorials on how to make them. Challenges being faced by the Toy Industry The Challenges faced by the toy industry is that Chinese manufacturers make cheap and good quality products. These products are produced and sent worldwide. Reasons for the success of loom bands It is popular because parents think it is a good alternative for social media and technology. Kids think it is fun, they can create different shapes and games such as skipping ropes. O nce it became “cool” every child felt like they needed it and it is cheap.

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