National Lottery Good Causes

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by National Lottery funding, including six-time Olympic gold medal winner Sir Chris Hoy. Arts 20% The Arts Council England, Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Arts Council Wales, BFI and Creative Scotland all help to allocate funding for British arts, from funding amateur theatre groups to Oscar winning films, after school music clubs and art galleries. Thanks to National Lottery funding, UK residents have more opportunities to get involved with the arts, with £42 million invested into music projects, £431 million awarded to the British film industry and 40 UK towns each receiving £1 million to fund their theatres. The National Lottery also contributed £31 million to the Victoria and Albert Museum for the seven year project of ten new Medieval and Renaissance galleries. The finished project has seen a 30% increase in visitor numbers, and the conservation efforts ensure that the collection is safeguarded for future generations. Heritage 20% The Heritage Lottery fund ensures that existing museums and historic buildings are maintained and improved whilst also offering funding to new projects to ensure the country’s history and heritage is kept alive. To date, the HLF has awarded over £6 billion to 37,000 UK projects including The Giants Causeway World Heritage Site, Kew Palace in Kew Gardens and The Mary Rose Museum. These heritage projects have led to the creation of 30,000 jobs in heritage tourism and the fund has also helped train 4,000 people to work in this sector. Health, Education, Environment, Charity 40% Health The National Lottery has awarded funding to both national and local health charities and in the last five years alone has been able to give £1.4 billion to UK health projects. Grants have been awarded to cancer support charities, mental health charities, The Samaritans and projects supporting those with hearing difficulties. Funding has also supported projects for healthy eating, supporting people with disabilities and children’s hospices. Education National Lottery funding has enabled communities to learn new skills, enjoy new experiences and better themselves through employment. So far, funding has created 12,700 after school clubs, awarded 1,500 grants for people to do IT and computer skills courses and invested £378 million into projects tackling unemployment. These education projects give support and confidence to a variety of individuals including those with disabilities, those living in deprived areas and people living in isolation. Environment Funding has been awarded to projects, trusts and charities throughout the UK to ensure the preservation of our wildlife and green spaces. In addition to this,

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