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Published on November 30, 2014

9. Is massage therapy covered? No. 10. Is reimbursement for physiotherapy and chiropractor services automatic? No. Receipts must be submitted with your claim. 11. Can I be reimbursed for acupuncture treatment for any reason? No. Coverage is only if acupuncture is used for pain relief. 12. Does the plan provide coverage for orthotics? No. The plan provides coverage for treatment from a podiatrist only. 13. For paramedical services, are the maximum dollar amounts for each person under my plan? No. The maximum dollar amounts are per year per single or family coverage. 14. Is the physiotherapy deductible of $250 per family? No. The $250 deductible is per person. 15. Should I get a referral from my doctor before I see a paramedical practitioner (eg. Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Podiatrist, Acupuncturist, Psychologist)? Yes. It is recommended that you get a referral from your doctor to ensure that Alberta Blue Cross will provide coverage. Dental Plan 16. Where can the Usual and Customary Fee Guide for the dental plan be found? This information can be found on the City of Edmonton benefits website. 17. Does every dentist charge the same fees for dental work? No. It is recommended that you ask your dentist for his rates before having any work done. 18. How often can you get a dental cleaning? For adults, once every 12 months. For children, once every 6 months. 19. If my dentist recommends I return for scaling between my regular check-up, will this be covered? There is a maximum of 26 units of scaling per year. If your dentist recommends that between regular check-ups you return for scaling only, this would not be considered an extra visit (ie. a cleaning), so coverage would be provided as long as the maximum units of scaling is not exceeded.