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Sometimes you need more than words and static images to convey ideas. Online digital presentation tools such as FlipSnack allow you to add video, sound and other rich media to your slides. Also, the animated html5 page flip effect lends a nice touch to your digital presentation, making it more appealing.

Enhance your pitch with Flipsnack

FlipSnack is an easy to use online digital presentation tool that allows you to create presentations within minutes. You can use the online editor to create your digital presentation from scratch or just upload and publish if you already have one designed.

Easy to use editor

Use our online editor to enhance your digital presentation with custom skins, hyperlinks, rich media and more.


Your readers will be able to access your digital presentation from any device and any operating system.

Advanced stats

See how your digital presentation is performing. Advanced stats show you what pages your readers find engaging and what they click on.

Flexible sharing options

Share your digital presentation via email and on social media or feature it on your website, if available.

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