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Sharing is Caring After getting the keys to our rooms, jumping on the beds a few times, and unpacking a few things, it is nally time to eat. Having one of our rst traditional Chinese dinners on the trip is pretty exciting; As we arrive to the dinning area of the outdoor hotel, the rst thing I notice are the spinning tables, these types of table shows the way the Chinese eat. Instead of ordering their own meals, they order a large portion and share each dish. Nothing but red Now that my stomach is crowded with food, my wallet is still full of money, and free time has nally started, my impatient self is desperate to shop! The old town of Dali is full of lights, street food, adorable dogs and most of all the color red. The color red portrays a symbol of power and as we all know China is denitely powerful. Strolling through the compact streets of old town of Dali is relaxing and very memorable. Strangely, the old town of Dali has an unbelievable amount of couples! Sitting on benches, holding hands, putting arms around each other, I felt so alone. Dali Old Town Name a Price Now for the shopping, spotting a cute jewelry stand got my heart racing in excitement. “How much?” ask as I lift an adorable necklace. “150, very vintage and original” the wrinkled women responded. “Oh no! Too expensive” I slowly place the necklace back in its place on the crooked table. “Okay, how much you want?” She asks desperately. “80.” I strongly state. “Oh no, vintage!” “Okay, 90 last price.” She silently debates, nods her head and hands me the necklace. “Xie xie” I thank her and walk to the next shop with a proud smile on my face.  adjective having much or varied color; bright. All the photographs below were taken in the old town of Dali. This is how Dali looks at night. The smell of street food crowds the slim paths .