Donna Maria Alija

Donna Maria Alija


Donna Alija realised, from an early age, she was a gifted natural healer. She has researched and studied numerous mind/body energy healing modalities, nutrition and holistic medicine; certified in Iridology and Colonic Therapy. She attended workshops and seminars by popular spiritual and transformational leaders. Donna came to realise techniques and practices were inadequate in resolving the root cause of physical and emotional dysfunctions.

Ms. Alija was introduced to Guruji Mahendra Trivedi in April 2010. Mr. Trived­i has the extraordinary ability to harness and transmit the universal energy to living organisms and non-living materials anywhere on the planet. This energy, exhibiting an inherent intelligenc­e, treats each recipient in a uniquely different manner creating positive and lasting physical, mental, emotional and behavioural changes. This phenomenon has become revered worldwide as The Trivedi Effect®.

Donna’s insomnia and night sweats were immediately resolved after her first Biofield Energy Healing Treatment (Energy Transmission). In October 2010, Ms. Alija became a quadriplegic. By receiving daily Energy Transmissions, within 5 weeks Donna was walking.