Say goodbye to paper. Communicate benefits in a better way.

Publish benefits guides online on Flipsnack, where they will be easily accessible to clients and their employees, directly in browser. It’s cost effective, and way more convenient than paper, which can get lost so easily.

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Professional, interactive brochures

Instantly transform your images, texts, videos, and PDFs into professional employee benefit guides, for every device and browser.

Try our in-built design tool to make your guides

Start from these professional guide templates, or design your own templates!

These templates are really easy to edit and personalize with your own texts and images. You can even create an entire design from scratch if you wish. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Flipsnack makes it easy to create professional benefits brochures and guides that employees will never toss away or lose.

How to create an online benefits guide out of a PDF

  1. 1. Upload your PDF

    It’s incredibly easy, and you’ll be able to publish your guides in a matter of minutes

  2. 2. Personalize the look and feel of your interactive guide

    You can add interactive elements in your guide, and brand your benefits brochures

  3. 3. Publish and get the sharing link

    Get a sharing link in a matter of minutes, or send your guides to clients via email, directly from Flipsnack

Alisha Van Tiem
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Flipsnack allows us to share important information with employees in a sleek format, in the 'cloud,' versus bulky dated email attachments. It is especially nice to be able to update and refresh documents in real time for employees, which then reduces the risk of having outdated PDFs floating about.

Alisha VanTiem
Keywords Studios

Everything you need for your benefits brochures

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Pretty much everything is customizable in Flipsnack, including the URL

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Mobile friendly

Provide a reading experience that’s right for every screen size and every client

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Our technology supports the integration of videos, forms, interactive maps and more

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Share the link with clients on any platform or simply send your guide via email, from Flipsnack

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Easy updates

If you need to update your guide, you can do so without breaking the original link

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Easily track statistics that’ll help you understand how employees use your benefits guides

Advanced privacy options

We're well aware that employee benefits guides are important documents that should be used for internal communication. At Flipsnack, we provide multiple ways in which you can protect your guides and keep them confidential. You get to decide who will have access. Read more

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