The 2017 Instagram Report for Publishers

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What we learnt from analyzing over 6000 Instagram posts

How do big magazine publishers use Instagram and what can we learn from their strategies? What are the best practices that lead to audience growth and engagement boosting? Download the report to find out the answers.

What’s inside the ebook:

Audience growth

We looked for correlations between the posting habits and audience growth

Top performing content

Find out what are the most engaging post types, and use the same strategy

Post types

Photos, videos and multiposts: which one is the most engaging post type? Find out!

Date & time

The report illustrates how the posting time and the day of the week influence engagement

Hashtags and mentions

Are hashtags and mentions really the most effective way to drive engagement? Maybe not!

Emoji usage

Read about correlations between target audience and the use of emojis in Instagram posts