Career Exploration Project

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Part III: Interview ! What special personality traits and/or technical skills does someone really need if they want a job like yours? - You need to have problem solving skills because nothing will ever go exactly as expected. You have to have an honest and caring demeanor so you get the trust of your patients and families. I have seen the outcome of therapists that don't "care" like they should and the families will speak up about those therapists. What are some things I should be doing in college to prepare for this career? - To be a PT...know your anatomy and get a HUGE bag of tricks. The more you hear and learn about different treatments, diagnosis and ideas the better you will be when a situation comes up. Before you actually get into school make sure you volunteer in an area you think you might like to work in. I volunteered in an outpatient adult clinic and I learned nothing about what I would actually be doing. I think if I would have seen a pediatric therapist even as a pre PT major, I would have been that much more ahead. Did you go to college or get any training after high school? If so, please describe it. - I got a degree in Biology with a minor in psychology and then my masters in physical therapy. Since graduation I have been certified in several specialties as part of my professional development. I have also been published in a text book and been a part of many research studies. ! !

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