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HTML5 mobile widgets

HTML5 mobile widgets

Go HTML5 or go home

We make cross-platform, run-everywhere, responsive flipbooks, based on the HTML5 technology. We guarantee that your flipbooks will work in all modern browsers and look awesome on all devices, regardless of the screen size.

Advanced customization

One size doesn’t fit all
We offer extensive customization options, allowing you to control the appearance and the functionality of your publications. They will look custom built and will integrate perfectly with your website.

Background color
Set a custom size for your magazines, to make them fit perfectly a certain placement on your website or blog. There’s also the option to make the widget responsive, which means that it will automatically fit anywhere.


If you’re publishing a magazine in a foreign language, you may want to display the reader options in the same language. With our tool, it is so easy! Just select the tooltip language that you want, in Settings.


Right to left reading
We made it possible to change the page flipping direction, for those who publish catalogs in Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew, Kurdish, Persian or Urdu, because these languages are written right to left.


The shadow effect gives your magazine the illusion of depth, making it look more realistic. However, if you prefer the flat look or if it looks better on your design, you can easily disable the shadows.


Link highlights
This option makes it obvious that you’ve used links in your catalog, so there will be significantly more clicks on your shopping catalogs or magazine ads. You can check the number of clicks in Analytics.


File download
The file download option will allow your readers or customers to get a PDF copy of your online catalog on your computer. It’s a wonderful feature that marketers love to use for promotional materials.


Single page layout
The single page layout is perfect for landscape-oriented pages, providing a bigger display of the page. Your readers will be thankful for it! We also recommend it for digital presentations.

Powerful Editor

From simple to stunning

Our online editor is equipped with tools that help you do everything from adding links and videos, to designing layouts from scratch.

Add links and buttons

Add links and buttons

Rich media

Create from scratch

Page templates

Subscription forms

Add links and buttons
Rich media
Create from scratch
Page templates
Subscription forms

Enrich your files with links, shopping buttons and social media buttons. We automatically detect and keep your PDF hyperlinks, but you can add more.

Educate or entertain readers with audio and video, placed directly on the pages of your flipbooks. It’s a nice trick to keep readers engaged longer!

Play with text boxes, fonts, shapes, images, captions and create something extraordinary from scratch. You can add as many pages as you want.

Simplify the creation process by choosing a ready-made page template from our collection. We have over 190 page templates in various shapes.

Flipsnack forms can be used to let readers subscribe to your magazine. All submissions will be collected in a CSV file in your account.

Sell publications

Make some money

Sell your magazine directly on our platform: it’s quick and easy! Readers from all over the world can purchase your magazine directly within the preview edition. You have total control of the preview content and price of your publication. Collect your revenue through Stripe.

Virtual bookshelf
Show off your magazines
Flipsnack allows you to create a virtual shelf for presenting multiple magazines, catalogs or brochures in one place. The shelf can be integrated on any website, with a simple copy - paste of the embed code.

Sharing options

More options = more readers

Full-screen URL
Share open flipbooks

Privacy settings

You’re in control


Public flipbooks will be indexed by search engines, which basically means that they will show up in search results and they will appear on your public Flipsnack profile. A public flipbook can be accessed and shared by anyone who stumbles upon it.


Unlisted flipbooks are not indexed by search engines and they are not listed on any of the Flipsnack pages. You can choose to hide them from your profile page. In that case, the only way to access an unlisted flipbook is through the direct link.


Do you want a truly private flipbook, that can’t be re-shared and accessed by strangers? Choose password protection for sensitive and important documents! It’s an easy way to protect your flipbooks from spying eyes and make them extra-secure.


Automated publishing

You don’t have to set a reminder to publish your monthly magazine or promo catalog at a later date. As soon as you have the final version of the PDF, you can upload it to Flipsnack and schedule the publishing date. Your flipbooks will automatically publish on the selected date. It’s an easy, time-saving and efficient way to automate publishing.



Make it yours

White label

Our white label technology is a solution for integrating the flipbook maker with your own brand and identity. This allows you to create flipbooks directly from your website, host them and display them on your own platform.

Grey label

With the Elite plan you get the option to remove our branded header and footer from all your magazines, as well as from your public profile page. However, your magazines will still be using Flipsnack URLs.


Team up and conquer

With multiple users, you get the entire team working together. It’s the easiest way to manage drafts, show previews and get approvals before the publication goes live. The Elite plan allows up to 10 users working together under one master account.


Advanced statistics

Knowledge is power

Flipsnack statistics

Find out where your readers click, who they are and what they read using our in-built, real-time statistics.

Google Analytics

Collect all your website and publication data in one place, by connecting your flipbook to your Google Analytics account.

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