Distribute your catalog however you want

Share your publications with anyone or everyone. It’s your call.

Easy embeds

Professional showcase on your own website

Have a website that you want to share your catalog on? No worries. Flipsnack makes it easy to embed your catalogs directly into your website. All viewers have to do is flip through and enjoy.

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Easy embeds

No attachments to worry about

Send your catalog as a beautiful email newsletter

Let’s not forget about emails. If you have just a few people you’d like to share your catalog with, you can send it via email to whomever you’d like. Your newsletters will never be the same.

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Engaging, interactive social media posts

Everyone is on social media nowadays. Flipsnack gives you the option to share all your amazing catalogs with everyone across your favorite social platforms.

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Embed on Twitter


Simply share the link on any social network you like. It will look the most impressive on Twitter, where the link turns into an interactive flipbook.

Share as GIF


The GIF download provided by Flipsnack is perfect for sharing a preview of your catalog on social media. Don’t forget to add the catalog link!

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Share as video


Get a 20 seconds teaser trailer of your catalog, perfect for social media. Upload video, add your catalog link and impress your audience.

Download PDF

Download your catalog as a PDF and print it

Once you’ve made your catalog picture perfect, you can download it as a PDF. You can then print your catalog and distribute it however you see fit.

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HTML5 download option

Self-host and view your catalogs offline

In addition to all the other download options, you can also download you catalogs via HTML5. As a premium member, you can self-host your catalogs by downloading them in HTML5 format.

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Download HTML5

Shareable full-screen reader: clean view, no distractions

Download HTML5

What better way to experience something than in full-screen? If you send the shareable full-screen link, whoever receives it will be able to click it, and enjoy your catalog in a full-screen mode, without our header, footer, or anything else.

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