2015 POP: The Planner for the Online Professional

November 24, 2014  |  By  | 

As an online professional since 1999, a planner is an absolute must. I need a way to record what needs to be done every day, need to know and plan for the month, need to plan meals, need to keep track of expenses, and a host of other stuff. Over the years. I've gone through LOTS of different planners and somehow not one of them has everything I need. So I decided to come up with my own planner, one that fits my needs and will help me keep everything in my life in proper perspective. I've especially put a lot of stress on expenses and finances---I know a lot of us, even those who work in offices, need a lot of help with. The 2015 POP has the following pages: 1. Important Details directory : For a quick reference of account nos. 2. Log-in Details: Hey, you work online, this is a must! 3. Monthly Overview 4. Meal Plan: Believe me, it's better to plan ahead so you can keep to the budget. 5. Daily Overview 6. Bank/Savings: It's always a good idea to know how much you have. 7. Installment Obligations: Keep track of those monthly payments and know exactly how much more payments you need to make. 8. Pin Money: This is a record of your "rainy day" or emergency fund. 9. Bills 10. Expenditures: You really need to keep track of where the money goes. 11. Grocery Items: A quick reference of how much stuff costs and lets you know exactly how much you should expect to spend. 12. Contacts: I left this area sort of free form because you don't know which contact information you'll obtain from a person, could be a landline no., mobile no., address, email add., or all of the above. 13. Notes: These pages are left deliberately blank so you can do whatever you want. I ended up with over 500 pages because I really wanted to have enough space to put in everything. It's really very simple and easy to use as well as really neat and clean to look at :)