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lungs, Chloe was also a bulls maniac. When Sophie was ready They jumped into the car, Chloe was the first to speak. “Sophie I brought bulls hats, bulls face paint, sighns to cheer on the bulls, red bulls t-shirts, bulls noise makers, my favorite bull watch…” Chloe could go on and on about that stuff but before she chould Sophie stoped her “wait were here” At the bulls game Sophie and Chloe got out everything Chloe had brought. T-shirst, hats, face paint, noise makers, sighns and other stuff like that. “20 to 16 bulls” shouted the referie. all of a sudden Benny the Bull came up with a bucket of wipped cream. I hope I don’t know what that's for Sophie thought. Benny the Bull was well known for dumping wipped cream on Bulls fans. Now

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