Free flipbook templates ready to use

Free flipbook templates ready to use

Create a flipbook using one of our templates

Choose from over 100 flipbook templates that can be edited, customized and personalized with your own content. Design and download offline as PDF or create online flipbooks very easily and totally free! Check the flipbook templates below and edit them or see the full list available inside our online design tool for brochures, flyers, newspapers, menus and more!


Create your own newspaper

Pick an editable newspaper template from our gallery and use it to design a professional looking newspaper. Creating a newspaper has never been easier! Just start from one of our templates, write your story, replace images and publish your articles online. Share the news with your community using a free newspaper template.


Brochure templates

Customize our free brochure templates, then download the design on your computer! These brochure templates are great for print and for online use. Design a brochure with our easy to use tool - start from a ready made brochure layout template! The best way to do online brochure design: quickly and with stunning results!


Flyer template

Quickly design stunning flyers using our professional online flyer templates. Our collection of free templates for flyers is at your disposal. You can use our promotional and event flyer templates to design a beautiful flyer with little to no effort. Sign up and start personalising these free flyer templates now!


Annual report template

The easiest and quickest way to design an impressive report is by using an annual report template listed above. Click the image to personalize the design and create your own company report. Replace all figures, numbers and texts with your own, and you’re nearly done. The next step is to publish it online, or download it for offline use.


Start from a flipbook template

Flipsnack provides many flipbook templates that anyone can use to create digital magazines. Design flipbooks that have up to 15 pages for free, by editing templates or by making your own page designs, using texts and images.


Editorial design made easy with free layout templates

Get magazine layout ideas, edit our free brochure templates to create eye-catching editorial designs for brochure, flyer, menu, report, catalog and many other publications. Our advanced design editor is packed with all the features you need to create captivating promo materials for online and offline use. All of this possible with Flipsnack’s design editor. Give it a try!

Templates are one of the best things that happened to digital design.

They are incredibly useful for both designers and non-designers, helping you save so much time!

Multipurpose. Our flipbook templates come in all shapes and sizes. Edit our newspaper layouts and brochure templates to make custom marketing materials.

Easy and free. They say that the best things in life our free, and our templates fit in that category. You can easily customize them and make them your own. Nothing is stopping you from making beautiful flipbooks for any purpose.

Professional. We hired talented graphic designers to make templates for various types of publications and marketing pamphlets. All the templates can be edited so you can get designer-worthy results with zero effort. All you have to do is to replace texts and photos with your own, without having to think about the final result. You can even customize full brochure templates, editing all the pages.

Create stunning flipbooks easily, without a designer

Try our free templates for flyers, brochures and more