FRANQ GIRL looks at teens in a completely different way than most other teen geared media. We see teen girls as dynamic, capable, fiercely intelligent and passionate about their lives and futures. Our readers are go-getters, thinkers and are extraordinarily accomplished. Millenial’s and the generations that come after are smart, compassionate and success driven, born into a world of uncertainties, with massive amounts of information at their finger tips, where nothing is guaranteed. They must create new realities for themselves and those to come after.

FRANQ GIRLS purpose is to support this movement to listen to and publish the teen voice, and to re-establish a diverse image of beauty, showing that beauty comes in a myriad of forms. At FRANQ GIRL we also look at a magazine as an opportunity for advertisers to engage with our readers in a fluid and dynamic way, throwing out the old model of static advertising that no longer speaks to teens, and instead engaging with teens on their level.