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gajendra thapa

Published on December 1, 2014

Our Emotions need to be as Educated as our Intellect . It is important to know how to Feel , how to Respond, and how to Let LIFE In so that it can Touch you. Emotional Intelligence Applied “ Emotional Intelligence is a part of being people-smart. Seeking to understand people and getting along with them helps us be successful in almost any area of life. Some people have naturally good Emotional Intelligence skills. Others need to work on them. The good news is that everyone can get better. Learning how to become emotionally literate is one of the best investments that all human beings, adults and youth alike, can make for themselves, their family and their future. Our life changing emotional intelligence training workshops are not theory seminars. They are logical practical workshops that focus on young adults taking ownership of their emotions, thoughts and behaviours, taking charge of their own lives in a positive direction.