IS 581 Milestone 9 and 10 Case study Coastline Systems Consultin

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IS 581 Milestone 9 and 10 Case study Coastline Systems Consulting Be sure to read the Project area of each Assignment section, as they talk directly to the milestone tasks. Also, for review purposes, note that typical milestone solutions will be posted on Wednesday morning of the following week. This is necessary as it is important. Deliverables: Entity Relationship Diagram in Third Normal Form Context Diagram Event Decomposition Diagram Four Event Diagrams of Your Choosing System Diagram Primitive Data Flow Diagram Review all of the milestone project steps below. Post questions in the Milestone Virtual Lab Forum discussion area. Milestone 5 The purpose of this milestone is to normalize the data model created in Milestone 4, along with additional data requirements, to be in third normal form. This work has already been completed for you and you should have accessed the deliverable and include as part of your Milestone 3. Note that there are no points for this milestone. Milestone 5 Instructions

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