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Edward Rivas

Published on December 3, 2014

2 Client`s name ******* – Vacation rental SPC1125 for August 27th -September 2nd, 2014 Golden Treasures Vacation Rentals Trade Winds #1, Sosua. Website: Telephone: 809.377.2038 • Mobile: 829.477.2038 USA Line: 1-305-677-9615 RNC 01-011-5561-2 Twitter: Dominican villas Emergency Tenants understand that inevitable events and emergencies can occur as well as gas leaks, malfunctioning appliances, pool maintenance, air conditioning problems, etc., and if these events occur the owner is obliged to rectify emergency issues as soon as possible. The tenant must notify the rental agent and this in turn will quickly notify the owner to get it done. Disclaimer Tenants will use the house and its grounds, in its entirety, including the garden, pool areas, balconies, and common areas of the house at your own risk and agree to hold harmless the property owners or agents of any claim. Swimming pools can be dangerous, children should always be monitored, and adults when alcohol is consumed around a pool or Jacuzzi. Standards, policies and maintenance The property can be used for residential and vacation purposes. Renters and any person on the property must comply with all local laws and restrictions that apply on the premises. The noise level must be specified by the rental agency, based on the location of the villa in relation to its immediate neighbors. Some rental properties are also listed for sale, and in the rare case a property is sold prior to a rental date, the agency will replace it with a similar or much better one as a free upgrade. Cancellations - Sixty (60) days’ notice is required for cancellation benefits. The deposit may be used for a future reservation within the next 12 months if your dates are rescheduled. If the villa is rented less than 25 days before the date of entry, no refund for cancellation unless approved by the owner and never higher than 50% of total rental if approved. Golden Treasures works with more than 300 villa rentals and some villas differ on cancellation terms based on each individual owner`s criteria. The rental agency will do their best for their clients’ interests. If the cancelled dates are rented to someone else after you canc el, you can get a full deposit refund minus processing fees. The rental agency has the right to terminate any lease without refund for guests who engage in activities that violate local laws (e.g., fighting, violent crime, destruction of property). Adult men with underage companions are strictly prohibited. By signing below, I agree with all terms and conditions of this agreement. You can fill out this contract and send it to us scanned via email or you can also sign it on check-in time. Please bring a copy of the renter`s passport, and provide us with a n emergency contact number in your country if desired. At the airport, you can specify the lodging as a private villa in the address provided above. Renter: Name: ______________________________________ Signature: ________________________________________ Edward Rivas / Golden Treasures: Stamp and Sign Below on Check-in time.