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On Halloween night, one of the scariest nights of the year, Carter, Nick and Logan were running for their lives while everybody else in Newfoundland was trick- or-treating. Carter, Nick and Logan were running in fear because they stepped too far into the woods. They hit a huge maze that they had to escape. Slender Man, Freddy Kruger and Jason were chasing them. The maze they were running in felt like it was the longest maze ever. They thought do we stop or do we keep going in circles. Carter feels something on his back scratching him. So he turns around and asks Nick and Logan to check his back but nothing was there. But the scratching was getting stronger as they walked. Carter was getting weak so he stopped and said for Nick and Logan to go on but they screamed, “No !, we are not leaving you behind!” They picked him up and helped him walk. As they went on they were hearing a lot of noises! They were mostly screams. The screams were getting louder and louder as they walked. It felt like it was right around the corner. They turned and what they saw made them turn the other way. They saw