Haddon Norman Salt

Haddon Norman Salt


Haddon Salt was diagnosed with terminal ailment at 8 years. When doctors said nothing could be done my parents turned to Christian Science and its primitive healing philosophy by which you could measure the outcome. Now at 88 and healthy I look at Christianity from a scientific viewpoint.

I attended private school in England, went to work for my father, spent two years in the Royal Navy, back to work with my father, got married and had 3 children. In 1960 I purchased a restaurant, selling it in 1964 and emigrating to California with $10,000. Four years later I was the 3rd largest stockholder in the largest fast food company in the world and was nominated for Horatio Alger award in 1970.

Next I created an international trillion dollar real estate industry in Mexico, was involved in commercial fishing creating two of the healthiest and successful fisheries.

My father took an interest in Scientology in the 50’s, meeting Ron Hubbard with his common sense approach and disregard for stupidity. Sensing this as an addition to my growth I spent years learning from them and attending their workshops. Eventually I needed to move on and have continued following my C.S. teachings, adding other healing modalities including Quantum Touch, Hypnosis Practice, NLP life coaching, Reiki and Compassion Key.

My search is for personal growth and fulfillment of earth’s potential. Mr. Trivedi’s work with plants, trees and animals is truly remarkable. I am proud to be part of this important work.