Image Server

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ArcGIS Image Server authoring tools allow you to easily defne image services without having to reormat or load the raster data . These authoring tools are available through ArcGIS Desktop as well as through an application programming interace (API). ArcGIS Image Server loads the raster properties, including orientation, projection, and metadata, contained in the imagery whil e leaving the pixel data in its native orm. This allows the server to optimize the image service or quality and perormance without alt ering the source data. At the same time, metadata is provided or the service and or the individual images with important inormation su ch as acquisition date and sensor attributes. Easily Author, Publish, and Use Imagery Clients can access source and service metadata such as shown here with a QuickBird image, bands 3, 2, 1. • TIFF • NITF • BIL • IMG • JPEG • JPEG 2000 ArcGIS Image Server can accept imagery or rasters in various formats with associated georeferencing and metadata including • ArcSDE ® • MrSID ® • CADRG • CIB • Digest • GeoTIFF • QuickBird Standard, Basic • IKONOS ® Geo Ortho Kit • Landsat Level 1G • DTED, SRTM • Match-AT, ISAT • Applanix DSS To learn more about ArcGIS Image Server, visit .

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