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Burchfield.Canterbury Tale

Heather Buchfield

Published on December 3, 2014

Burchfield 2 So he hopped over that garden wall, fetched some flowers for his wife as he was not very concerned with her getting sick. After all, he thought “Sooner let her die to make her beautiful, cost what it will! Beauty is to day, sickness and death are concerns for tomorrow!” His noble wife has no idea that the flowers would make her sick but her addiction to the flower left her with little choice but to crave more. Of course, she noticed that her husband started to flatter her with compliments more often, but she attributed that with him realizing that he could get more if he complimented her more often. Men do not seem to compliment us as much as they should you know. She did realize after eating them that she started to feel ill, but, if her husband liked her now, then she’d keep eating them. One day during the man’s venture over the wall into the garden, he was caught by the Enchantress. “Forgive me lady, but my wife wants for nothing but to be beautiful. I gave her my trouthe that I would get them for her! And in my heart I have great compassion for her, so you see I must do this deed and get these flowers for her. Believe me, if you had seen her before she ate the flowers you would agree that they do make her look better. I did her a great favor.” He could not help but puff up his chest to make himself look chivalrous. The Enchantress, smart woman that she is, is no fool and believed not one whit of what he told her. And really, how many men do you know who are that generous? However, the Enchantress decided to let the man take some flowers back with him, but in exchange for his crime of thievery the couple must give her their baby when it was born. The Enchantress does have to punish wrongdoers after all. If she let every poor sap with a sob tale take off with her flowers then what’s to stop the whole population from taking off with them, eh? The Enchantress also reasoned that being raised by a wise and powerful woman like her would be the best teacher