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Published on December 3, 2014

TO OUR FRIENDS AT AMERICAN SCHOOLS: Scott F. Vasey Founder & Director International Students Preparatory Academy, LLC No question about it: one o the most important socio-educational developments over the past 10 years has been the mutual interest between newly mobile and ambitious international students and the American schools that hope to attract and enroll the best o them. Indeed, the Department o Homeland Security reports that in 2005 there were only 632 Chinese (ocusing on the dominant country in this movement) high school students in the US and only 65 Chinese middle school students. In 2014, those numbers have grown to roughly 30,000 and 8,000 respectively. And these numbers will continue to grow well into the oreseeable uture. Tis growth represents a massive opportunity or American schools as they seek to diversiy their student bodies and build enrollment. Tis growth also poses major challenges to many schools that understandably struggle to a) identiy and admit those students who will most likely succeed, b) educate them in an appropriate way in the classroom, c) assess them airly and eectively, d) communicate with their amilies, and e) place them in the right colleges or universities ater graduation. I schools haven’t experienced these challenges themselves, they most certainly know o many that have. And the challenges that come rom admitting an unprepared or under-prepared international student are substantial…or aculty, admissions directors, division heads, college counselors, and even a school’s domestic students. And, o course, let’s not orget the even more substantial challenges that the under-prepared international student aces i things don’t go well. Tis is where International Students Preparatory Academy (ISPA) can help. As a school, we spend 4 intensive weeks during the summer preparing accepted or aspiring international students or the specifc academic challenges (see our list o targeted courses later in this brochure) that most oten present themselves ater the international students arrive on campus. We hire only the most experienced independent and private school teachers who are able to perectly simulate the American classroom experience with regard to content, assessment models, expected writing skills, peer collaboration, and teacher-student dynamics. When your new international students arrive on campus prepared or the academic challenges that await them, everyone wins. We look orward to working with your school and its new international students and I invite you to visit our website or program details, videos and photos, and to contact me personally at any time with questions. Sincerely, Scott F. Vasey Founder & Director International Students Preparatory Academy (ISPA), LLC “Arriving alone and with limited English skills, foreign students add new and weighty responsibilities to schools.” ~Washington Post, (3/30/10)