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2 CREDITS Boston Irish Tourism Association PO Box 341, Milton, MA 02186 617 696-9880 32 B ITA t 8 TABLE OF CONTENTS CREDITS Credits 2 Greetings 3 Welcome to Kennedy Country 4-5 Interview: Chuck Daly 6 Neil Connolly’s Clam Boil 7 Irish Festivals 8-12 Pro le: Brian O’Donovan 11 BITA Cultural Groups 12 BITA Cultural Venues 13 The Boston Celtics 13 Harold Connolly, Olympic Medalist 14 Pro le: Sean Casey, Red Sox 15 Calendar of Events 16-17 Celtic Thunder 18 Pro le: Stephen Johnston 19 BITA Hotels 20 Irish Heritage Days 21 Interview: Virginia Greenblatt 22 BITA Gift Shops 22 Irish Pubs-More Tasteful than Ever 23-25 BITA Pubs 25 BITA Travel 26 Gaelic Canada 27-31 Canadian Celtic Festivals 28-29 BITA Canada 28 PEI Goes Irish 30 PEI Summer Ceilidhs 31 A Taste of PEI 31 Ireland’s West Coast 32-35 BITA Ireland 34 Memoriam: Thomas J. Flatley 36 15 27 Credits Editor & Writer: Michael P. Quinlin Project Manager: Colette M. Quinlin Graphic Designer: Diane Russell Printing: Paul Tangusso & staff, Universal Millennium Acknowledgements Special thanks to the sponsors and members of the Boston Irish Tourism Association and to our advertisers for helping to underwrite this publication. Funded in part by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Business & Technology, Massachusetts Of ce of Travel & Tourism. Particular thanks to all those who helped with this publication and related marketing efforts, especially: David R. Burke, Roger Egan, Jack Hart, Kevin Honan, Betsy Wall, John Alzapiedi, Pat Moscaritolo, Larry Meehan, Sue Cronin, Stacy Shref er, Kamilla Kissell, Liza Cunningham, Laurie Messere, Ed Forry, Sean Casey, John Blake, Stephen Johnston, Lisa Tiernan, Patrick Sorge, Laura Picken, Tommy McCarthy, Brian O’Donovan, Jeannie Hebert, Belinda Mazur, Russell Gusetti, Peter Aucella, Wendy Norcross, Arthur Ratsy, Lee Statham, Tom McNaught, Brent Carney, Chuck Daly, Neil Connolly, Rachel Kempster, Meredith Burks, Sharon Browne, Virginia Greenblatt, Orla Carey, Joyclyn Emory, Kiela Bennett, Lisa Carrier, Michael Kydd, Shawn Silver, Terry Power, Peter Murphy, Jean Kennedy, Mary MacKinnon, Winnie Henry, Mark Chester and Melissa Bochar. Merci Beaucoup, Devin. Image Credits Cover image and page 7: Neil Connolly/DK Publishing; Liz and Yvonne Kane: 2, 17; Boston Red Sox: 2, 15; Natalie MacMaster: 2; Tourism Ireland: 2, 24, 32, 34-35; Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce: 3; John F. Kennedy Library: 4, 5, 6, 16; Paul Brady: 8; Lunasa: 8; Beoga: 9, 16; Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill: 9; Sean Kane: 9; Glengarry Bhoys: 10; Brian O’Donovan: 11; Bank of America Pavilion: 13; Boston Celtics/Paul Pierce: 13; Harold Connolly Statue/Rep. Kevin Honan’s Of ce: 14; Michael Ivins, Boston Red Sox: 15; John McDermott: 16; Maken & Spain/Scott Metzger/Metzger Studios: 16; Arlo Guthrie: 17; Eileen Ivers: 17; Hothouse Flowers: 17; Celtic Thunder: 18; Courtesy of BITA: 19; 36; Daniel J. Tobin, AFL, October, 1948/Courtesy of Aaron Schmidt, Print Department, Boston Public Library: 21; Virginia Greenblatt/Irish Imports, Ltd: 22; The Black Rose: 23; Department of Tourism & Parks, New Brunswick: 26, Prince Edward Island Tourism: 27, 30; Leahy: 28; Nova Scotia Tourism, Culture and Heritage: 29; Cynthia MacLeod and Gordon Belsher: 30; PEI Shucking Contest/ John Nowlan: 31 The Boston Irish Tourism Association promotes the state’s Irish culture and hospitality industry year round to the travel and visitors industry. BITA works to strengthen tourism ties between Massachusetts, Ireland, Canada and the other New England states. Visit for more details, or contact:

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