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James Joseph Meuer

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James Meuer had an aptitude and passion for technology and logic systems from a young age. He studied Electronics Technology and Computer Science at University of Wisconsin and Milwaukee School of Engineering. James had a deep interest in developing consciousness using scientific methods and actively sought out experts in this field.

James discovered Guruji Mahendra Trivedi during a lecture in October of 2010 and, as a natural healer, was intrigued with Mr. Trivedi’s knowledge and ability to beneficially transform living organisms and non-living materials. Known as the Trivedi Effect®, this transformational biofield energy can intelligently alter cells and materials at fundamental levels and increase the health and vitality of plant life and biological systems.

James was impressed to learn about thousands of scientific studies documenting beneficial changes in materials, human health, cancer, microbiology, biotechnology, genetics and agriculture. Equally impressive were the hundreds of thousands of testimonies subjectively verifying the Trivedi Effect’s® ability to enhance lives physically, mentally and spiritually. James has obtained many benefits from these Biofield Energy Healing Treatments and experienced greater happiness and success in life.