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James Jeffery Peoples

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James Jeffery Peoples (aka Jeff Peoples), received his BA in Economics from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 1984. Mr. Peoples has founded, purchased, and run multiple successful companies since 1986; including founding the software company Window Book, Inc. in 1988.
Through Mr. Peoples’ leadership and innovation, Window Book has created numerous technologies that have enabled their clients to save billions of dollars in mailing, shipping, logistics and labor costs.
Mr. Peoples was born with a higher level of consciousness and excelled in many areas of intelligence and leadership. He actively sought to cultivate his gifts and knowledge about technology and consciousness and fulfill his human potential as well as discover, utilize and develop the abilities and gifts of others. Since 1985 he has continually worked with many of America’s top personal development programs, transformational leaders, leadership coaching, life coaching, mindset coaching, studied nutrition, the effects of fasting, and many personal growth technologies, yet he had never met anyone with the abilities, knowledge and wisdom of Guruji Mahendra Trivedi. Mr. Peoples continued to seek a scientifically proven path of transformation to optimize the unlimited potential of humanity beyond the world’s current understanding.