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Pack your bags, because Daniel Alexander’s new Summer 2015 collection is about to take you on a trip around the world. Following the successful launch of the “DA by Daniel Alexander” swim collection in the Middle East, a new series of designs have been developed by award winning designer Daniel Alexander. Daniel has incorporated the electric aesthetic of his world travels with the cutting edge technology of digitally printed soft flowing fabric. Daniel Alexander has redefined the relationship between color, form, technology and multi functional fashion to create a truly universally wearable cutting edge collection. Eschewing traditional clothing design ethos where fabric meets form, form now meets fabric as the intensity of Daniels unique and bold custom designed prints translate into a fluid representation of his travels by digital print on the highest quality Italian Lycra and stunning Chiffons to create a groundbreaking summer collection. Launching in January 2015, the line has spiked the interest of reps and retailers both the east and west coast USA, Australia and Europe. Let “DA by Daniel” take you on an unforgettable trip around the world with his new landmark resort collection. The revolution has begun....

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