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Content provided by As a small business owner, you wear a myriad of hats — but no matter how hard you try, the reality is you don’t have time to wear them all — which is why many of you have an accountant, a bookkeeper, and a lawyer to take care of your taxes, your balance sheet, and your contracts. And what about your marketing? Do you have time to manage your contact lists? Create fresh content for your newsletter? How about managing your social media campaigns and integrating your web presence across multiple platforms? Well, that’s where Constant Contact Solution Providers come in. Constant Contact has built a nationwide network o independent marketing proessionals who are there to help you grow your business — because sometimes it can be hard to fnd the time to get started. Your local Constant Contact Solution Provider is there to give you a boost when you need it, or can be with you all the way, providing a ully managed engagement marketing program. From specialty businesses to non-profts, Constant Contact Solution Providers can support you in every aspect o your outreach, helping you implement general marketing and business strategies. With the leaders in engagement marketing at their disposal, your Constant Contact Solution Provider is well equipped to provide you with an unprecedented level o service and expertise in everything rom email marketing, to social media and event management, along with the ability to create local deals or your customers and get your business listed on websites that matter to your growth. Marketing Expert | Page 2

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