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Published on December 3, 2014

Pa e 2 © One of my clients in the adventure business mentioned quietly one of his ‘hobbies’ that he loves. He then went on to tell me that: no where else in the world can you do this, it really is possible (most people think it is only done in the movies), people have paid him BIG dollars to tag along side him for this, and that it only happens once a year. Can we say ca-ching? Major opportunity there that we can use as his big benefit. Being a part of his other program can guarantee you a spot in this… and there is no other way possible to get the chance to do it… other than join. There is a major benefit to joining him, if you are the right type of person who is wealthy and passionate about getting a serious adrenaline rush. And there are lots of those out there that would LOVE to do this with him. 3. Your buyers . Who are they and what makes them, specifically, different than other buyers? Going back to standard customer research… you must know your buyers better than anyone else does. You need to know: what they think about, what they worry about, what foods they eat (and hate), what their drink of choice is, what books they read (and how often), what movies they watch, what hobbies they have, what their biggest dreams are, and what their grandest desires are. Not an easy task. But imagine what power you hold when you do! Going back to the 80/20 rule… how does it apply to your buyers? Your top 20% of buyers… what do you know about them? How can you find more of just that 20%? What about the 20% of those 20%? What makes them different? You can redesign an entire business around the strategy of selling to a VERY specific business. And you should! This is an easy way to grow your profits rapidly, while making your marketing much more targeted and focus on a very specific person (which makes it much easier to find the marketing media to reach them) 4. Picking on the problem . I have another client who is a traditional MD, but she has changed her focus to the more natural ways to help the body inside and out. Her biggest pet peeve right now? Flu vaccinations. We are right in the middle of the immunization drive to get everyone and their dog into the doctors for a flu shot. People are panicking about the N1H1 hype. And she is PO’d. Did you know that flu shots use formaldehyde? The exact same ingredient that is used to preserve DEAD BODIES? Yup, little Johnny there is getting a flu shot and injected with embalming fluid at the same