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Johanne Dodon

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Johanne Dodon received her Bachelor of Commerce with a Major in MIS (Management Information Systems) from Concordia University in 1988, and has since accomplished a successful career as a consultant providing business analysis and advice and guidance in the area of Information Management and Records Management to clients in both the private and public sectors.

Most of her life, Ms. Dodon was searching for ways to cultivate her natural abilities and knowledge about consciousness and the universal laws. She always felt closely connected to nature and with the increase in planetary and other unexplained phenomena that threaten the balance of nature including; the increase in pollution, bioavailability, global warming, toxicity, depletion of the soil and natural resources, climate change, loss of biodiversity, ocean acidification, ozone layer depletion, acid rain, water pollution, and public health, Ms. Dodon started suffering from “happiness depletion” and began feeling deep fear of the future for herself, her children and humanity.

Ms. Dodon found no resonance with Religious practices or social interactions. She needed guidance, truthful answers and felt a burning desire to learn about universal consciousness, science, transformation, human potential, spiritual awakening, life purpose, belief systems, spiritualism, and enlightenment.