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My Writing Habits (4)

Jean Grayson

Published on December 3, 2014

Grayson  2 background noise. The environment that created great amounts of productivity was an area with a little background noise, room temperature and a well-lit area. I had to percolate the subject in my unconscious mind, to find new inspiration to complete my research to completion. Paul Prior, a Professor of English and the Centre for Writing Studies at the University of Illinois emphasizes an applicable approach called the “Think Aloud Protocol” as students are composing they have to say aloud everything they are thinking inside their head. I used this method in my self-study to provide comprehension on my writing habits and how I interacted during my writing. I used codes to provide units of meaning behind what I was doing whilst composing to gather all the information and recognize a pattern. According to Sondra Perl, Professor of English of Herbert Lehmann College and the Graduate Centre of CUNY, her studies show that there is a pattern amongst unskilled writers and how they think when beginning to write. Such as a consistent pattern amongst unskilled writers was a cycle process of prewriting, writing and editing. She developed codes to identify specific parts of composing such as prewriting, miscues, amount of time writing, the behaviours etc. I relate to her extremely well because during my writing process and editing I often went through a recursive feature of moving back and forth revising my thoughts and inscriptions. I used the Sondra Perl article “The Composing Processes of Unskilled College Writers,” discussion to record the “Think Aloud Protocol” in my research describing my thought process. I started off by using my MacBook Pro to record me in video format and then I wrote down everything I said into a transcript. I then used this transcript to provide usable information by using coding. I coded the information into units of meaning and labelled it accordingly. Some of the information that popped out