Karan Rasdan

Karan Rasdan


A voracious reader from an early age, Mr. Rasdan began reading books on the possibilities of selfdirected healing, in his mid teens; the information he found fed his interest in drawing out the natural healing ability of the human body, and tapping into that inner power that helps people surmount overwhelming odds.

It is that inner power he depended upon to elevate himself from his social and economic background into a science scholarship at Graceland University. After having completed his Computer Science and Mathematics degree, Mr. Rasdan exhibited his passion for problem solving by re-engineering entire accounting systems, configuring ERP’s to meet customer needs in ways even the vendor had not imagined, and perfected his ability to deliver in the IT - business arena.

It was while immersed in the technical projects that he realised his gift for project delivery, and bringing order to chaos. Still most of the assignments coming his way were of a technical nature. While they were engaging and able to bring out the engineer in him, it was clear to him that this strength was in his ability to take a project from start to successful finish, having done so successfully in every one of his assignments. In November of 2010, his meeting with Mr. Trivedi served as the catalyst to propel him into his current vocation where he is fully engaged in the project delivery effort.