BSOP 330 Week 5 Homework Problems Mater Production Schedule Prob

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For more course tutorials visit MASTER PRODUCTION SCHEDULE MAKE-TO-STOCK Beginning PAB prior to week number one is 500. If the forecast is larger than the book orders, complete the MPS using the forecast demand. If the booked orders is larger than the forecast complete the MPS using the booked orders Lead-time for MPS releases is one week. All MPS releases must be in lot sizes of 250 units. Period order coverage is one period. 1. Complete the MPS due line and the MPS released line. 2. Complete the PAB line. 3. Complete the ATP line. BSOP Master Planning, Week 5 Assignment, Problem Two Make-to-Stock MPS GIVENS FOR THE MPS PROBLEM: 1. Beginning on-hand inventory prior to week one is 200 units.

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