Lauree Ann Duprey-Reed

Lauree Ann Duprey-Reed


Lauree Ann  Duprey-Reed was introduced to Mahendra Kumar Trivedi and the Trivedi effect in June 2011.

As an intuitive person who follows her own intuitive knowledge she knew immediately that the bioenergy transmissions were something that needed to be experienced.

She signed up for the Master Healers Program and has remained on that program for 5 years to date. In 2015 Guruji gave the Trivedi clients the opportunity to participate in science experiments designed to verify their ability to transmit their energy transmissions remotely from home to animals, minerals and natural products in another place. In Lauree¹s case it was from Vancouver, British Columbia ,Canada to India where the animals and products were physically present.

Lauree Ann Duprey-Reed was one of seven people in her group that included Alan Joseph Balmer, Dimitrius Anagnos, Janice Patricia Kinney, Joni Marie Holling, Joy Angevin Balmer and Vaibhav Rajan Parulkar.

There were several groups of participants and all of the groups  were able to bring about various and profound changes with their  transmissions on the test subjects.