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Outside reading 2014 west8 #2

Aaron Woolfolk

Published on November 26, 2014

BACK GROUND INFO: There are two twins, a boy and girl, who are in a prophecy described as, “The two that are one and the one that is all”-pg. 121. The antagonist, Dr. John Dee, attacked the bookstore where the boy twin, Josh Newman, worked. He managed to overcome the Alchemyst, Nicholas Flamel (Josh’s boss), and steal the codex. The codex is a very important book that must be protected. Sophie Newman and Perry Fleming (Nicholas’ wife) came over to help, but Perry was captured. Josh managed to hold on to the final summoning, and now Dr. John Dee is chasing after them. They went to a shadow realm to seek Hecate who could awaken the dormant powers that dwelled in both twins. They were only able to awaken the girl’s, Sophie Newman’s, powers before Dr. John Dee attacked and killed Hecate. Dr. John Dee then learned that Josh’s powers weren’t awakened and he wanted him. He knew the prophecy that said the twins hold the power to both destroy the world, and to save it. At the end of the book, Sophie gains some incredible powers from the Witch of Endor, a woman similar to Hecate. They managed to escape Dr. John Dee’s grasp yet again, but in the process, Dr. John Dee tried to convince the lonely Josh to join his side. His sister managed to save him at the last moment.