Business and Technology Survey

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WHHS Business and Industry Survey Lora Lindsay December 10, 2014 Page 2 of 2 5. Please list the types of computer software you currently use in your business. 6. Please rate soft-skills essential to employee success. 7. Would you be willing to come to West Hall High School to speak to a business class? 8. Which courses should be offered at WHHS that would be most beneficial for a high school student working for you? Please rank 1-9, where 1 = most important. Accounting Banking and Finance Business and Technology (with Word & Excel) Business Communication (with PowerPoint) Business Law Computer Programming Entrepreneurship Financial Literacy Web Page Design Place a check (  ) in the cell to mark your choice for each skill. Very Important Important Somewhat Important Not Important Attends Work Regularly Being on Time Communication Conflict Resolution Customer Service Diversity in the Workplace Employee Productivity Listening Skills Positive Attitude Toward Work Self-motivation Teamwork Telephone Skills

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