Long-Term Group Project Update December 1

November 26, 2014  |  By  | 

Adapted from dandelionwebdesign.inc. If you have a current site please answer … Tell me what you like about your existing site. What ’s working? What are some key areas that need improvement? Are you wanting to keep the same content or rework it? Design When you look at the design of websites in general, … 1. List websites that show color combinations that you like: 2. List websites that have a look and feel that appeals to you: List adjectives that describe what you like about the look and feel of the site. (e.g.: modern, traditional, clean, clear, and professional.) 3. List websites with design elements do you like: and please specify what you like on the site. Please list any design choices you don’t want included ? (e.g.; Dark background, drop- down menus, etc.) Feel free to link to sites you don’t like and tell me what it is about the site that you dislike. Your Message & Audience What is the key message you want to communicate about yourself/ your business? This is known as an elevator pitch.

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