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2 • The Review CoNINUED RoM PAgE 1 Durin the cld mnths, the team will be cusin n enery audits and weath- erizatin. In additin, a majr cus is utreach and erin educatin t the cmmunity. wl tr msson s to sr all of Jeersn Cunty, the University, as the team’s hst site, will be a special cus. Te team hpes t raise the University’s ratin by the American Assciatin  Sustainability in Hiher Educatin. In additin t educatinal and utreach events, the team will dcument and sys- tematize the sustainability practices and eatures already in place n campus. Anyne interested in a ree enery audit can sin up at www.reeni- waamericrps.r. once an audit has been perrmed, the team is available t weatherize the hme — either r lw cst r r ree. In additin, they evaluate appliances and can recmmend replacement with enery-efcient mdels that are eliible r a rebate rm Alliant. wl all audts ar fr, t atr - izatins are usually nly at the cst  the materials. Te materials are ree r thse wh are veterans, lw-incme, disabled, r ver 65. Tse interested need nt be a hmewner t take advantae  the erins, but will need t have a sined waiver rm their landlrd. Te vlunteers are part  green Iwa, a State and Natinal AmeriCrps pr- ram that has existed since 2009. Ameri- Crps is a divisin  the Crpratin r Natinal and Cmmunity Service, a ederal prram created by President Bill Clintn in 1993. AmeriCrps cnsists  a netwrk  natinal service prrams that strive t meet critical needs in educatin, pub- lic saety, health, and the envirnment. green Iwa undin larely cmes rm vernment rants as well as raniza- tins such as Alliant and MUM. MUM is ne  six green Iwa hst sites in the state. Accrdin t Ms. Crw, MUM was invited by the prram direc- tr because the University is cnsidered a leader in sustainability. Bein a hst site entails prvidin fce space, a vehicle, fce supplies, and a site supervisr. n the Review Editr: Jim Karpen Contrbutng wrtr: La Col Maharishi University  Manaement 1000 N. 4th St., MR #694 airield, IA 52557 jkarpen@mum.edu 641-472-0778 www.mum.edu/review Published biweekly durin the academic year. © 2014 Maharishi University  Manaement ranscendental Meditatin®, M-Sidhi®, Cnsciusness-Based, Maharishi Vedic Science, Maharishi Schl  the Ae  Enlihtenment, and Maharishi University  Manaement are prtected trademarks and are used in the U.S. under license r with permissin. RoM HE oUNDER “w rld peace is in t rise thruh this. Nw we nly have t see hw sn and hw much cherence spreads rm this land  the Veda, India, t ther parts  the wrld. It shuld nt take a ln time because the sun rises, and its many, many rays take the liht  the sun t everywhere they can.” — Maharishi Mahesh Yi, April 13, 2005 press cnerence In September 124 yun leaders rm many dierent cuntries arund the wrld cnvered n campus t attend the week-ln Next generatin Curse, tak- in the pprtunity t attend meetins with Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam, wh heads Maharishi’s ranizatins wrld- wide, and t netwrk with each ther t prepare r assumin eventual leadership rles in these ranizatins. “Te best part r me was bein able t spend time with Maharaja and havin the pprtunity t ask questins,” said Andrew Rushin, a third-year MUM student and member  Enlihtened Leadership Internatinal. “Everyne was intrduced t him individually and had the pprtunity t ask anythin n ur minds. It was impressive hw beautiully he answered each ne  us.” on the heels  the week-ln curse was a three-day weekend curse that in- vlved 84 yun leaders rm the cm- munity. Aain, everyne participatin culd ask questins n any subject. “Te participants had the pprtunity t  deeply int knwlede,” said ra- nizer Adrienne Scheneld. “Maharaja cvered the ull rane, rm experiences  hiher states  cnsciusness t ur wn unique patterns  reality, t Veda and administratin. He was very pen, authentic, and carin. It had a prund eect n all  us.” Tis is the rst event  its size, called the Next generatin Curse, where the larest rup  yun Next generatin leaders came tether with Maharaja, Ms. Scheneld said. Tere are plans t d a secnd curse next year and increase the numbers. Smaller Enlihtened Lead- ership Internatinal summits are als bein ranized, with previus summits this year held in urkey and in Vldrp, Netherlands. Upcmin summits are planned in Vldrp and Bali. “Tis is the uture  Maharishi’s r- anizatin,” Ms. Scheneld said. “Ev- eryne is s briht and enthusiastic and lled with lve r Maharishi’s knwl- ede and each ther. Te time they spent with Maharaja increased their desire t d mre, t take mre respnsibility.” Tese events are bein ranized by members  Enlihtened Leadership Internatinal, which rew ut  the Enlihtened Leadership Prram that launched n campus tw years a. “Tis next eneratin  leaders has all the qualities the previus eneratin pssessed,” Ms. Scheneld said. “Tey’re passinate abut ensurin that everyne in the wrld has access t Maharishi’s prrams and technlies.” n nex Geeraio Course Brigs 124 Youg Leaders o Campus

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