Standard 1: Thompson Long-Term Project

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1. Describe your business in 250 words or less. How would your product or service work? How would a customer use it and benefit from it? Be clear, crisp and creative! Define Your Market 2. How will your product or service solve an existing problem or fulfill a need that is not being met by other products or services? Why is your idea better? (250 word limit) 3. How is your idea different? Select up to 3 competitors and type a few words on how your product or service is different/better than they are. (for example: Less Expensive, Better Quality, More Selection) Meet Your Challenge 4. How does your business idea address the issue defined in the innovation challenge? What makes it especially innovative? (250 word limit). 5. Now, choose 3 descriptive words to describe it (3 adjectives!). Identify Your Customer 6. Your target customer will be in what age group? (range between 0 and 100) 7. What is the gender of your target customer? (what % male? what % female?) 8. Where does your customer live? (choose urban, suburban, rural or global 9. Describe the behaviors, interests, beliefs, lifestyle and personality of your customer. Why would the person you described above be interested in purchasing your product or service? (100 word limit) Tell Your Story 10. Here’s your chance to tell and sell your story. Please upload up to 5 images of a storyboard for a 60 - second commercial for your innovation. 11. Craft a script for your 60-second commercial. Be creative! Convince your customer that your innovation is worth buying. Good luck! (200 word limit)If you’re ready to submit your completed commercial video, you can upload a link to YouTube or Vimeo. Other links will not be accepted. The top 10 finalists in each category will be required to submit a video during the second phase of the challenge. A Project worksheet and sample storyboard template are included for you to prepare your submissions.

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