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2 CONTENTS 1. CURRENT NATIONAL DEVELOPMENTS- (PAGE NO. FROM- UPTO) e.g. Hour Question shifted in Rs. to stop disruptions- PAGE-1 2. INTERNATIONAL/ BILATERAL RELATIONS (PAGE NO. FROM- UPTO) Explained: Understanding the permanent solution at WTO- PAGE-7 3. ECONOMY New KVP promises to double investments in 100 months- PAGE-13 4. ENVIORNMENT/HEALTH ISSUES Faster clearance, tougher penalty is new thrust in environment law - Among the measures suggested by the four- member committee headed by former Cabinet Secretary T S R Subramanian –PAGE-15 5. SCIENCE& TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENTS/SPACE Scientists find 2 new subatomic particles at CERN – PAGE-20 6. EDITORIALS Poetics of a nation: remembering Nehru(HINDU)- PAGE-20 7. AWARDS/PRIZES/PERSONS IN NEWS Farhan is U.N. Women’s first male Goodwill Ambassador- PAGE-24 8. SPORTS Vengsarkar to receive C.K. Nayudu award- PAGE-27 9. ANY ONE TOPIC FROM G.S. SUBJECTS (HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY. SOCIOLOGY etc.)