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Matthew Charles Hornung

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Matthew Hornung received his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering as well as degrees in Business and Industrial Engineering Manufacturing Processes from Kansas State University in 2007. He serves as an engineer and top executive in an innovative agriculture company specialising in equipment to increase yield and efficiency of planting and harvesting multiple agricultural crops. As a successful business owner and entrepreneur, Matthew has innovated many new products for agriculture that hold patents. He has the knowledge, means and wherewithal to take a concept from the creative design stage to the manufacturing, completion and effective sales stage of a product.

In 2010, Matthew was introduced to Mahendra Trivedi and the Trivedi Effect®. Mr. Trivedi has the ability to harness Universal Energy in order to transmit a biofield energy treatment to living organisms and nonliving materials to beneficially alter its traits and characteristics.

Mr. Hornung strives to be on the cutting edge of new scientific breakthroughs and therefore was naturally drawn to the Trivedi Effect® and this new frontier of science. He has received a high degree of energy transmissions and guidance from Mr. Trivedi for over 6 years. Matthew has since conducted several experiments studying the effects of hi